What's in My Bag (Updated)

Posted by [email protected] on March 3, 2014 at 12:25 AM

I did a blog about what is in my bag a few months ago and have added to it so I thought I'd share what I added and why.


70D (2013, new)                                                                                                                                       6D (2012, new)


24-105 f4 (2005, new)                                                                                                                              85 f1.2L (replaced with v2 in 2006, bought used)


MacBook Pro 15" (2012, new)


Adobe CC Photographers Edition (PS & LR)

   First I'd like to address why I upgraded the cameras. Most of my work is weddings and events. I needed something with better low light capabilities. I kept waiting until I felt there was something that would meet my needs and would serve me for more than a year or two. I purchased the 6D because I needed a FF for weddings. I love the images the 6D produces.

   I also purchased a 70D because I wanted something with a decent burst rate. I considered a 7D but the 70D was only 1/2 frame slower and it has a newer processor and is better in low light. I don't do video but the 70D is supposed to be the king of video. I haven't shoot with it much but I'll let you know what I think of it when I've spent some more time with it.

   I actually got the 24-105 as part of the kit when I purchased the 6D. I wanted a backup lens for my 24-70 and am not ready to upgrade to the newest version. I also like that it has a little more reach so I can use it as an everyday walk around lens. I like what I have done with it so far. The image stablization is a bonus. I don't feel it will make up for the lens not being a 2.8 but it helps.

   Most of my work is with people and I wanted a nice portrait lens. The 85 f1.2 is the king of portrait lenses. After getting it I see why but I also consider it a speciality lens. It takes a lot of getting used to shooting at f1.2. My feeling is if you spring for that lens you need to use it wide open. I LOVE this lens. The bokeh is smooth as butter. I can't wait to really give it a workout.

   I am in school for graphic design and Mac is the industry standard. I have only had the MacBook for about a month. I am not liking it yet. The learning curve is a little steep. I can say a few of the things I have learned I like. It seems a little more logical but I haven't gotten all the logic yet. I do, however, perfer my Toshiba laptop's 18.4" screen. But I will be getting a desktop for editing so I guess it doesn't matter. Now to see if I will love the Mac and decide which systems desktop I will get.

   I have have been using an earlier version of PS and LR. I had to update to the newest version because my new cameras weren't supportred in PS3 and LR3. 

   I think these new additions will serve me well for years to come.

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