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What's in My Bag (Updated)

Posted by [email protected] on March 3, 2014 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I did a blog about what is in my bag a few months ago and have added to it so I thought I'd share what I added and why.


70D (2013, new)                                                                                                                                       6D (2012, new)


24-105 f4 (2005, new)                                                                                                                              85 f1.2L (replaced with v2 in 2006, bought used)


MacBook Pro 15" (2012, new)


Adobe CC Photographers Edition (PS & LR)

   First I'd like to address why I upgraded the cameras. Most of my work is weddings and events. I needed something with better low light capabilities. I kept waiting until I felt there was something that would meet my needs and would serve me for more than a year or two. I purchased the 6D because I needed a FF for weddings. I love the images the 6D produces.

   I also purchased a 70D because I wanted something with a decent burst rate. I considered a 7D but the 70D was only 1/2 frame slower and it has a newer processor and is better in low light. I don't do video but the 70D is supposed to be the king of video. I haven't shoot with it much but I'll let you know what I think of it when I've spent some more time with it.

   I actually got the 24-105 as part of the kit when I purchased the 6D. I wanted a backup lens for my 24-70 and am not ready to upgrade to the newest version. I also like that it has a little more reach so I can use it as an everyday walk around lens. I like what I have done with it so far. The image stablization is a bonus. I don't feel it will make up for the lens not being a 2.8 but it helps.

   Most of my work is with people and I wanted a nice portrait lens. The 85 f1.2 is the king of portrait lenses. After getting it I see why but I also consider it a speciality lens. It takes a lot of getting used to shooting at f1.2. My feeling is if you spring for that lens you need to use it wide open. I LOVE this lens. The bokeh is smooth as butter. I can't wait to really give it a workout.

   I am in school for graphic design and Mac is the industry standard. I have only had the MacBook for about a month. I am not liking it yet. The learning curve is a little steep. I can say a few of the things I have learned I like. It seems a little more logical but I haven't gotten all the logic yet. I do, however, perfer my Toshiba laptop's 18.4" screen. But I will be getting a desktop for editing so I guess it doesn't matter. Now to see if I will love the Mac and decide which systems desktop I will get.

   I have have been using an earlier version of PS and LR. I had to update to the newest version because my new cameras weren't supportred in PS3 and LR3. 

   I think these new additions will serve me well for years to come.

What's in My Bag

Posted by [email protected] on August 22, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

A lot of times when people see my pictures the first thing they say is "You must have a great camera." That must be the one thing photographers hate to hear the most. The other thing said is "What gear do you use?" So today I'm going to share what is in my camera bag. Don't get me wrong I have decent gear but it's what I can get out of that gear. You'll also learn it's not about having the newest and greatest gear. God knows I don't. In fact, most of your gear probably came out after what I'm using. But I have what I need to get the job done. I'll post pictures of my gear later when I pack my bag for the wedding I will be shooting this weekend.



5D Classic w/ grip (2005, bought used)

50D w/ grip (2008, bought used)

30D w/ grip (2006, bought used)


As you see all of my cameras are gripped. The first reason being I am a wedding and event photographer and the extra battery life and shutter button are a big plus. Also they help balance my lenses better (you'll see them later). Also notice that the newest camera I have is the 50D which came out five years ago (the date is when it came out).


All of the cameras I own have been upgraded by the manufacturer several times over. The 5D with the 5D MarkII and MarkIII. The 30D with the 40D, 50D (which I also own), 60D and soon 70D.


Do I love my cameras? Yes. Do I wish I had newer and greater gear? Sometimes. Will I eventually get that newer and better gear? Probably. But not anytime soon.


Canon 70-200 f2.8L version 1 (1995, bought used)

Canon 24-70 f2.8 version 1 (2002, bought used)

Canon 50 f1.4 (2008, bought used)

Canon 24-85 f35-4.5 (1996, bought used}


As you can see I have a range of lenses from the "kit" lens to the "L" (luxury) lenses. I think these have made the biggest difference in reference to my photography. If I could keep my L lenses I think I'd be happy with any camera. Also notice that my two "L" lenses are the original versions, not the newer ones.


I'm not anxious to get the newer lenses of the ones I have but I would like to add a few lenses to what I already have. I would love to have a macro lens. I'll probably get the Canon 100 f2.8 macro or the Sigma 90 f2.8 macro. The only other option is the Canon 100 f2.8L macro. I don't see myself using it enough to justify the $1000+ price tag. I'd also like to have an 85 f1.8 and a 17-40 f4.


Those would give me some faster lenses and a wide angle lenses. Then I'm prepared for anything.


My one bit of advice for now is if you can afford to get good glass (lenses) and a cheaper body that's the way to go. A good and reasonable lenses suggestion is the Canon 50 f1.8 which retails new for $125 and used for around $70-$85. It's a prime lens so you'll have to zoom with your feet. But it'll be fast (f1.8), light and cheap.



Canon 550EX Flash (bought used and broken, two hours and I fixed it)

2 collasipable soft boxes for the flash

Wacom Bamboo Capture Tablet

Polaroid Pogo Printer

Impact 42" white/gold reflector

Rocket blower

LensPen Professional Cleaning kit

Square Credit Card reader

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Toshiba satellite P505-S8980 18" laptop

Manuals for all of the equipment

Various cords and cable

Extra paper for the Pogo

Blank CD' and DVD's

Contracts and Model Releases



Hoya 72mm CP

Hoya 72mm Neutral Density

Hoya 58mm CP

Hoya 58mm Neutral Nensity

Cokin Green

Cokin Diffractor

Cokin Sephia Light

Cokin Sopt incolor 2

Cokin Gradual G2

Cokin Gradual B2

Cokin Gradual T2

Cokin Gradual M2

Cokin Polarizer P/O

Cokin Rainbow 2

Cokin Sunset 2

Cokin Pre-shaped Form

Cokin Double Mask 2

Cokin Spot 2 Color P/B

Cokin Spot 2 Color B/Y

Cokin Diffuser 2

and a Cokin case and holder for the filters

To carry it all I use a Kata Flyby76 bag w/ trolley. On the bag I mount my Bogen tripod bag containing a tripod and monopod both by Bogen (also bought both of these used).


I hope you enjoyed seeing what is in my bag. This just shows that new is great but you can do whatever you need with used/older equipment.


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